The tale of Villa Retreat begins, and continues, with the idea of discovery and new experiences. The property dates back to 1845 – to the very establishment of Kodaikanal, when J.T Noyes built a few shacks at the cliffs of the hills. Past the lush greenery, sparkling lakes and seemingly endless waterfalls, lies Villa Retreat, the modern day evolution of Noyes’ shacks.

Our team, almost all of whom are locals, work in close conjunction, leveraging their proximity and background to create authentic experiences for our patrons. This includes curating personalized experiences at the homes of local experts for our guests so they can truly immerse themselves in Kodai’s unique culture. After a long day of exploration, visitors are welcomed back to a homely retreat – a place where guests can discover local and experimental cuisine, immerse themselves in art and design, disconnect from technology, connect with nature and meet and interact with unique personalities from all over the world.