A pastel green and blue building surrounded by coconut trees and with the Arabian Sea in the front, Zostel Varkala is scenic, breezy, and located at a 5-min walk from the black beach. Dotted with picturesque spaces, it provides a kickass sea view from the rooftop, rooms, and balconies. A vibrant reception welcomes you into the hostel, making way for vivid wall art that paints the lives of men and women on Varkala’s salty shores. A veranda circles all the rooms, giving you the mandatory balcony space to watch the sun go down or play a game of catch. The rooftop is a fancy business, with patio loungers and ample spots to work, dine, paint, and create. 

Recommended experiences:

Learn surfing, visit the cliff beach, and explore the cafes. Visit Ponnumthuru Island, Kappil beach, and Thiruvambadi Beach. Take a day trip to Jatayu Earth’s Center, Kollam, and Kovalam.