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Also called Mullakkal Bhagwati Temple, the temple is open for people of all religions, castes, and faiths. A perfect example of Kerala-style architecture, the temple has an open roof shrine called ‘sanctum sanctorum’. There’s also a small pond inside the temple and a separate shelter for elephants. The presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Rajeshwari, and other gods including Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna.

2.St. Mary’s Forane Church, Alleppey

With construction dating back to 427 AD, St. Mary’s Forane Church is amongst the oldest Syrian Catholic churches in the country. The rich history, architecture, and legacy of the church attract several tourists every day. The architecture of the church is a mix of Syrian and Portuguese designs. The church is believed to be the reason for the restoration of friendly relations between Jacobian Syrians and Catholics. The church is also famous for being home to 2500 families. Click here to know more about places to visit in July

3.Karumadi, Alleppey

Karumadi is a small village which is famous for a 3 ft. tall, half broken statue of Lord Buddha; the left-hand side of the statue is missing. This black granitestatue that is believed to be dating back to the 11th century was abandoned in a nearby stream and recovered by a British official named Sir Robert Bristow in 1930s. It is said that the statue has healing powers and anybody who touches the feet of the statue gets rid of their illness.