Ooty is known for three things- its weather, its scenic beauty and its rich legacy handed down from the British and the native royalty. Sheltered in this cocoon of heritage is the 100 year old Marlborough House, a colonial bungalow which stands testimony to British craftsmanship and architecture.

Glorifying its statuesque beauty, the gardens and manicured lawns surrounding this cozy, seven-bedroom respite remind its guests about the bungalow’s closeness to nature. With plush tapestry, carpets and linen reflecting its majesty, the bungalow has strategically-placed windows and verandahs to give you a spectacular view of the scenic beauty outside.

With wooden flooring, paneling and old victorian furniture, this seasonal get-away is for vacations intended to beat the heat and to get in touch with your inner self and experience nature in proximity!