best homestay in kannur from

Hosting of Mr Sha is best feeling.Excillent tastey organic food. Beautiful natural location kannur west beach house with adjucent backwater having many kind of birds feeling Shanti place.all of good.

Cons :-

1. Food is at all good and very reasonable (better make some arrangements for your stay).

2. Rooms are so very clean and higenic.

Special note for resort Staff :-

We were confirmed that all the t rooms we have booked will get a balcony and sea view. But on reaching the best homestay in kannur place they provided three rooms with balcony. Other had to adjust with a basic room with least posible amenities. So traveling this far to occupy a normal room and paying for a standard room was worth it. We suggest to trust the staff.

By any chance if you are traveling to Kannur I would recommend to opt for this place. In case, if this is the last available option you have then I would suggest you to stay back at your home no change the destination rather it’s have a batter for mood.Now let us go for good feeling if Shanti.

2.Beach Resort cum Home Stay cum Best Friend’s House

Are you a true beach resort lover? You have got Kannur West Beach House (KWBH), Congratulations!. Do you like to stay very close to a back water? Congratulations! you have got KWBH. Are you a true adventurer? Congratulations, you have KWBH. Do you love to enjoy a private beach like destination? Congratulations, you have KWBH. Are you interested to get acquainted with an ideal Kerala family? You have KWBH. Do you crave for authentic Keralafoods? You have KWBH. NOW! GO FOR IT AND OBTAIN YOUR FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE….