Best homestay in kannur from

Liked · I like everything about this place.

The host, Mr Sha, is super friendly and helpful.

The rooms are very spacious, pleasant and spotless clean. It’s located in a quiet area around 6 km from Kannur. You can catch the bus to town for 10rp about 10-15 mins walk from the homestay.The nearby beach is quiet and very clean compared to other beaches in India. Sometimes you can be pretty much alone there. The waves can be a bit rough until you go on the other aide of the breaking point. I wouldn’t recommend this beach to families with small children.

2.Good homestay in kannur

There are no restaurants nearby, but the lady working here will prepare all your meals for you if you want it. And the food is sooo delicious 🤤

If you good homestay in kannur book a room on the upper floor you will have an excellent view of the mangroves with an abundance of bird life. The whole area is very serene and surrounded by beautiful nature and swaying palm trees.

All in all, this place is so nice. I had planned for 6 nights here. Ended up staying for 11 nights 😁

3.Beach homestay in kannur 

Liked · Beautiful location looking across the water. So many different kinds of birds here. Very peaceful. Amazing beach very close by. Homestay is very clean and I felt very well taken care of. A most enjoyable stay and I look forward to returning and seeing the progress on the new vegetable garden.