1.Best homestay in kannur

It involves taking the group of tourists right into the kitchen of the locals and getting them to experience the cooking style endemic to the place,” who essentially is a textile shop owner but came into the best homestay in kannur venture quite accidentally.

2.Best traditional homestay in kannur

The real Kerala can’t be experienced in the cities. And what the tourists who come to our state want is to experience the real Kerala,”  once you give them the original taste of Kerala culture, cuisine and traditions, they will keep coming back besides bringing more people along with them. “Recently, I had a group of tourists who came in from Spain.

3.Beach near homestay

I wanted to get them to experience the traditional sadya. So, I took them to the houses of the Kudumbasree members in our homestay in kannur village. There the tourists joined the women in gathering the ingredients needed for the sadya, prepping for the dishes and finally helping them to cook,” he said.